Connect groups

Life wasn't meant to be lived alone. If you are looking for informal Bible study, support, or fellowship, you can find that and more in a small group. We call them Connect Groups and they are listed below.

  • adults

    Mondays at 7pm

    Location changes weekly.

    Facilitated by: Connie Hainey- 772.228.3027


    Tuesdays at 11am

    101 Turtle Run Drive #203, Sebastian

    Facilitated by: Lela Brightwell- 772.882.6532

  • Ladies bible study

    Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm

    479 Lanfair Avenue, Sebastian

    A 12 week study to meet the Jesus many talk of, but few truly know. 

    Cost: $12 for Bible Study Book

    Facilitated by: Beverly Malone & Robin Ringer

  • men's discipleship

    Tuesdays at 7pm

    Riverside Church Den- 11205 Roseland Road, Sebastian

    Facilitated by: Joe Garard- 772.538.2808

  • Man up

    Wednesdays at 7pm

    Riverside Church Den- 11205 Roseland Road, Sebastian

    Purposes: Fellowship and Discipleship

    Facilitated by: Gary Malone- 772-333-5204

  • ladies' bible study

    Thursdays at 6:30pm

    Riverside Church Den- 11205 Roseland Road, Sebastian 3295

    Facilitated by: Carole Ballough- 772.633.0928

  • Adults

    Thursdays at 7pm

    8855 98th Court, Vero Beach (VLE)

    This group has three purposes: prayer with a Holy Spirit emphasis and

    community outreach. 

    Facilitated by: Vicki Smith- 772.925.2263

  • adults

    Fridays at 7pm

    951 Chelsea Avenue, Sebastian

    Facilitated by: Jon & Brenda Jones- 772.571.6267